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Value Of The Jewish Wedding Contract

Love is a beautiful thing to have and experience when you meet the right person. When you are in Love, there are numerous things that you can do without worry. Officiating the relationship is the next step that we take when you have decided. There is a certificate given to the new husband and wife once the ceremony is done as proof of their union. These marriage ceremonies are conducted differently in different religions despite them sharing a common purpose. In every ceremony, you are granted a wedding contract that proves both parties are officially together under God and the law as well.

Having such contracts in your relationships helps to define the rules that each party will be obligated to perform. In case one does not uphold their end of the contract, harsh consequences would be taken upon them. In the past, this contract mostly defined the responsibilities that the husband had towards the wide regarding money. Unlike today, it was the duty of the husband to fend for their family. This contract was only used when divorce was taking place, or the husband dies. In this case, the man would be stripped of their financial obligation to the wife when they died or separated.

As other couples see the marriage contract existing for monetary purposes, others enter the contract to honour their vows. During the wedding, both the bride and groom are given a chance to commit themselves to the wife with some vows that they should live by. The vows were inscribed on the contract to remind this couple of their love every day. Depending on their choice, the contract could be kept as display in the house or stored in a safer place around the house. The marriage contract did not give the husband similar rights as the wife in case of a divorce.

In the divorce settlement, the man and woman share similar rights. There are some relevant aspects that the marriage contract outlines such as the date and location of the wedding. Besides the date and location, the contract also contains the names of the couples and that of their fathers. Unlike the marriage certificates we have today, the traditional ones was not signed by the newlyweds. This duty was passed on to their witnesses. These witnesses would be questioned in case the husband failed to act according to the marriage terms. If you decide to get wedded in a traditional ceremony, this contract should be drafted and, there are different designs to select from.
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